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Naughty Sex Jokes

The naughtiest sex jokes available. Adultery, jealousy and other troubles that come up when sex is involved.

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What has many pricks but is not a pincushion?
A whore.

How do you find my breast, dear?
With hardship, darling!

What is the difference between a Peeping Tom and someone who has just got out of the bath?
One is rude and nosey. The other is nude an rosey.

How does Casanova earn extra money?
He is a donor in the sperm bank.

Doctor, it hurts when I do THIS.
Well, don't do THAT.

If a guy went picking berries with a girl and a guy looked content when they'd come back, they didn't get much berries for sure.

60% of respondents asserted they have had an outdoor sex...
...other 40% are too lazy to get the hell outa their beds.

- Did you marry Christine?
- Nope.
- Why?
- She told me I was not rich enough.
- But you have this rich uncle. Why did not you tell her?
- I did. Now she is my aunt.

What is the difference between a spray and a dick?
- You shake a spray before use but you shake a dick after use.

What hangs around in the day but hangs down in the night?
- A sock.
What hangs down in the day but hangs around in the night?
- A cock.

What's the difference between Pamela Anderson and the Pope?
Pam is topless while the Pope is hopeless.

What is the difference between Pope Benedict and a gay?
Neither of them loves women...


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Naughty sex jokes about adultery and jealousy.
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